This is a beautiful headband and will look amazing on anyone who wears it, especially this coming 4th of July. I love Americana merchandise and love seeing it throughout the entire year. I can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing this summer to celebrate Independence Day.

The details and colors in this headband are gorgeous. I love the grey color an how it helps to accent Mickey and Minnie on the bow. The stars on the blue ears and red headband really bring it altogether. They might be a bit pricey but Harveys makes astonishing merchandise and will be a wonderful addition to ear headband collections everywhere.

I found these at Ever After Jewelry Co & Accessories in Disney Springs and have seen them in a few other locations. Get yours soon before they are sold out.

To Infinity and Beyond Travel & The Infinity Mouse – Traci – “Venture outside your comfort zone. The rewards are worth it” – Rapunzel (Tangled)

Mickey & Minnie’s Merchandise Monday – Harveys Americana Headband

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