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March, 2022

"We have recently returned from our 30th anniversary trip to Walt Disney World and wanted to take this time to thank Traci Taylor so much for all of her assistance in planning this trip.

This trip started its planning back in 2020 when my wife and I decided we wanted to spend our 30th anniversary in 2022 at Disney World and contacted Traci, who had already assisted us in planning our 25th anniversary trip and our 27th anniversary trip.

A couple months into the planning, our son said he and his family were going to go spend Christmas 2021 through New Year's day 2022 at Disney World and wanted us to join them for that trip. So, we contacted Traci who helped us change all of our plans to accommodate our son's plans and helped get them set up with planning.

And then in April 2021 our son and his family backed out of their plans, which left us with a time to go we hadn't originally wanted. Traci to the rescue again!

Traci helped us set up our original plan back to March of 2022, getting us room rates and keeping us up-to-date on COVID policies and changes.

And then...

Our daughter and her husband, who had previously been in touch with Traci for their honeymoon plans that got cancelled due to COVID and the park shutdowns decided they wanted to join us on our trip. Traci to the rescue again! She assisted them in their planning, getting their rooms booked, their park tickets, and helping their existing reservation get linked with ours for reservations. Absolutely stellar work!

And then...

Our son-in-law's mother decided she was going to go to Disney World at the same time, deciding this a month before we're due to leave for Orlando, and could our daughter help her out? Naturally, our daughter went to Traci again, who took the initiative and got the mother-in-law booked into nearly all of our existing dining reservations and anything else needed for her that she didn't already have herself. Traci has to be getting tired of us by now, right?

And then...

Our grandson finally gets permission to come along as well, which we hadn't planned for. So, less then a month before we're due to head out, Traci is once again becoming our hero and getting Connor all his tickets, adding him to reservations, getting him added to a room.

After all that, you'd think she'd avoid us like the plague.

But she sends us these beautiful laminated daily agenda packets that we can keep with us each day to let us know what parks we're at each day, what reservations we have, what the park hours and what extra magic hours there are, if any. She provides us park maps. And she sends us a beautiful picture frame straight from the parks to put our favorite park picture in when we get home. And on our last day in the parks she makes the effort to meet us, which was awesome because we really wanted to thank her in person for all she had done to make this trip as perfect as it was.

Traci is a Godsend for planning your Disney trip. She knows all the ins and outs, checks things regularly, including making sure your reservations are exactly what you want and will even keep up on openings if you're looking for a reservation you may not have been able to get initially. She kept in touch regularly, and monitored everything to ensure everything was as magical as we hoped.

We will not plan another trip to Disney without making sure Traci is a part of that planning every time.

Thank you so much for everything, Traci!"

January, 2022

"Traci and To Infinity and Beyond Travel were so helpful in planning our 50th anniversary and 50th birthday trip. Although we have been to Disneyworld many times it is difficult to keep up with all the changes to resorts, parks and policies.  Traci made sure we got the best rooms, scheduled our reservations for parks and restaurants and even sent out tips sheets on how best to navigate Disney’s new Genie+ system.  She even helped during our trip when I wanted to make a change and needed help how to do that on the app.  Our family had a wonderful time and I felt relaxed knowing that we were set up for success."

October, 2021

"Booking our Disney World trip through Traci was something we felt led to a trip that was truly Taylor-ed (see what I did there) to what we wanted in a trip. My mom hadn’t been to Disney World in 35 years and I had never been, so we needed a high level of guidance. I had an initial call with Traci and then my mom and I sat down and decided what was most important to us (transportation types, hotel location, close restaurant options, etc), gave Traci that list, and she gave us a few options of varying price ranges within our budget that fit what we wanted. She also helped be a sounding board to weigh pros and cons between the options vs. what we truly wanted our trip to look like. She made us feel very well informed and we felt she was just as invested in our trip meeting our expectations as we were. Our arrival was smooth and the trip went exactly as we had expected it to."

October, 2021

"If you are looking for a true professional, and full blown Disney expert, in helping book and plan your trip to Disney World, Traci is the absolute best person to make sure this happens.

Due to the pandemic, we had to reschedule our trip three times (the original time of travel was March of 2020, Spring Break). Traci worked seemingly endlessly to help us with all of our planning, accommodations, and taking advantage of all the benefits that came with staying on Disney property.  As 2020 went on and we had to cancel two more times, accommodations and various benefits kept on changing.  Traci was on top of it and let us know what was going on and offered numerous suggestions on how to use those benefits and reschedule.  For a while, we had no idea when we would even be able to make the trip.  Instead of cancelling outright, we kept something booked months in advance so we wouldn’t lose our locked in rates.  Traci made sure we never lost our special rates and always offered options that were in our best interests.

Finally the time came for our trip to happen in October 2021.  In the weeks leading up to our trip, Traci even made sure we were aware of making reservations for sit-down dining because those would fill up extremely quickly. Since Disney took away the dining plans, we opted to not eat at any sit-down restaurants except for the first night we were there; and it did not require reservations, we were seated quickly.  Luckily, she made sure we stayed in an accommodation with a nearly full-sized kitchen in our suite.  This way, we could go to a local grocery store to buy meals and snacks for the time we were there and save a ton of money.

So if you use Traci to book your Disney vacation, know she will go to bat for you and then some to make sure all you need to do is enjoy your trip!"

October, 2019

"My Family and I had such a Magical time at Disney this October. We celebrated both of my daughters birthday’s. A birthday that they will never forget. We had a great experience with “To Infinity and Beyond Travel”. Traci booked our trip, booked our fast passes and made our trip stress free. She put together our itinerary on a power point presentation, included our flight information, which was super helpful. I loved the itinerary on the key fob she put together. Easy access in case My Disney App was down at the park or if my family split up at the park.
My husband, my daughter and I had one.
We made so many magical memories that we will never forget! Thank you so much Traci for all you did. We had an amazing time at Disney! We are looking forward to our next trip!"

February, 2018

"Traci did an amazing job of planning our nine person vacation from across different states.  Letting her do the planning took off a lot of the pressure of booking the vacation and keeping everyone happy while still juggling a thousand details.  Our Fast Passes made the trip so easy and fun – we rode over 22 rides – and Traci had laid them out in a very logical way so that we weren’t sprinting across the park.

Her dining recommendations were great, and our three children had the most magical time ever.  They met so many characters and made so many special memories.  It really is a magical place and Disney takes such good care of you once you are there.

I would highly recommend this travel service for your first time to Disney World.  Traci is such an expert at Disney that it makes you feel comfortable and taken care of, and her little personal touches and attention to detail made us all feel so lucky that we had used her."

March, 2017

"25 years ago my wife and I were married, but never could take a honeymoon This year for our anniversary we wanted to finally take the honeymoon we never got, and were put in touch With Traci at To Infinity and Beyond Travel to help us out.

Traci was extremely patient as we planned and saved our money, and helped us with every aspect of the planning that we needed, from getting the rooms, to the passes required, to recommending dining plans. Every question we had she answered promptly, she assisted with all FastPass and dining reservations, making recommendations she thought we might like and suggesting the MemoryMaker and helping us set that up.

She also provided a helpful reservation/day planning keychain with all of our reservations on it and what days each park had the exra Magic Hours, maps to each park, and even a much appreciated and unexpected gift and card for us for our anniversary.

We highly recommend Traci and To Infinity and Beyond Travel for anyone planning a trip to Disney World. She really knows what she’s doing and she clearly loves doing it. We are already planning a return trip with our full family next time, and we will definitely be using Traci again for it. I wouldn’t think of using someone else next time.

Thank you so much, Traci!"

April, 2016

"Over spring break, we had our first trip to Walt Disney World! After spending a marvelous week at Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Epcot, I would say we are absolutely hooked. Traci Taylor planned a whole week with a wonderful variety of dining reservations, fast passes, and use of convenient magic bands. We were a little overwhelmed at first, but being able to plan ahead and staying on Disney property, we were able to take advantage of extra Magic Hours and the transportation was simple. The dining plan was super helpful and easy, so we didn’t have to worry about expenses after. We also added the Memory Maker for all our professional pictures and had fun taking pictures everywhere we went. We highly recommend taking advantage of Traci’s expertise and will absolutely use To Infinity and Beyond Travel for all our upcoming Disney vacations!"

October, 2015


That was the theme of our trip.  I started by pulling up the Disney website and realized very shortly, that a lot had changed in 7 years and I had no actual idea how to go about figuring out how to plan my trip.  Going in I wasn’t convinced I would need a travel agent or a package to go to Disney.  After her very excellent presentation I was sold on both getting an agent, because there is a plethora of information and details needed to plan the vacation, and getting a package, including dining, room and tickets.

Several days later, I sat down for what would be the first of a number of coffee meetings with Traci.  I explained the basis of the trip I wanted and several days later she emailed me an amazing Xcel spreadsheet detailing 3 different resorts, what the prices would be for different number of days, with and without the dining plan, with different days, number of tickets and several other details.  This level of organization was my language and over the next year she helped me determine which package was best for me and the 10 others I dragged with me, buy airline tickets, reserve dining, link all 11 My Disney Experience accounts, and help me wrangle information for 11 people.  She answered all my questions, via email, phone calls, and text.  And I had a ton of questions, about Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party, to transportation, to restaurant recommendations and packing lists.  The number of people going changed twice and she rolled with it.  She was amazing with the details and info she kept.

She provided amazing packets for the trip that included maps, bound print outs of our day to day schedules with reservation numbers and Fastpass+ choices, ad a laminated mini version of this that we all carried around the whole of the trip.  These were great on days the Disney app didn’t want to play, or we did’t have Wi-Fi.  They were amazing resources to have, I can’t fully explain how awesome they were to have when we were sitting around our room, bar or pool at night looking at the next day.  Traci also made herself available when we were on the trip, I texted her multiple times when we needed details or just random questions.  You would have thought she was on the trip with us as a tour guide for all the amazing info she provided.  I loved our trip.  She got us reservation at a ton of great restaurants and coordinated 11 people like it was easy.  We ate at Be Our Guest, Le Cellier Steakhouse, California Grill and many others.

Overall I felt it was an amazing trip which wouldn’t have run near as smooth without Traci!  I can’t wait to go back!"

June, 2015

"Traci was great to work with as we planned our recent trip to Disney World. She booked rooms for us at the Disney All Star Music Resort which made it easy to get to the Disney parks each day. We never had to wait more than a few minutes for a bus to take us from the hotel to the parks and back again. Traci helped us select our Fast Passes in advance of our trip and explained how to order our Magic Bands and Memory Maker. She offered tips on the Disney shows and the best spots to catch the fireworks display. She confirmed our park tickets and reservations and made sure we were set to do a late check in with transportation from the airport. She was very helpful in making sure we had a great trip."

June, 2015

"With 4 parks, a major shopping area, over 100 restaurants, over 100 attractions, and a multitude of hotels options, our first trip to DisneyWorld could have been overwhelming. Traci made it a fabulous trip that none of us will forget. We had eight people from three different families traveling together. Traci coordinated all eight of us. She booked hotel rooms & transportation. She guided us through using our fast passes for attractions in the best way possible, and then booked them for us. She asked questions about our food needs and, again, guided us through and then booked our dining reservations. She created an all-in-one notebook for us that had every reservation and confirmation number we could possibly need, from departing airline reservation to returning airline reservation, and everything in between. We got pocket planners that were invaluable for that, “oops, what’s next?” moments! She met with us before our trip at our convenience, which wasn’t always easy given all our busy schedules. She also met with a couple of us after our trip to find out what went well and what did not work as well. Her love of Disney and joy in helping others to have a wonderful experience was evident in everythingshe did for us. I will be back for the next trip. Why do it alone when you can have such fabulous help?"

May, 2015

"I would like to thank you for your work on scheduling a wonderful trip to DisneyWorld.  I would have to say it was the best vacation I have taken.  Everything went smoothly.  There were so many decisions that really paid off from flying Southwest to purchasing the Park Hopper pass option.  I am so glad we decided to stay seven days.  All three boys had a terrific time.  The trip was so enjoyable we would like to do it again.  I can’t thank you enough for your work on our vacation."

May, 2015

"Traci helped us plan a family reunion vacation to Disneyworld. She was extremely helpful and attentive, and made sure we understood everything about the Disneyworld experience (fast passes, restaurant reservations, magic bands, hotel packages, the app, etc.) before we went. She took great care of us, and I highly recommend Traci if you’re planning a Disney trip."

May, 2015

"Our Disney World experience was absolutely fantastic all thanks to Traci!! She assisted us with every detail from basic travel arrangements to helping us reserve fast passes and special dinners. We could never have enjoyed the parks as much as we did without her expertise and recommendations. She even created pocket schedules for us to carry so that we would have our fast pass info right on hand (even if our smart phone died). There are many travel agents to choose from, but only Traci has both extensive knowledge of Disney as well as the heart of a servant! She definitely went the extra mile to make our Disney vacation great."

April, 2015

"Traci did an amazing job planning my trip start to finish!  She made dinner reservations and FastPass+ Selections based on what I wanted so that everything had the perfect amount of time and we weren’t rushed.  Her Disney knowledge is incredible and I would not have had the great experience I had without her help!"

March, 2015

"We booked a spring break trip to Disney World in March 2015. Traci’s knowledge and expertise was invaluable! She knew the best place to stay within our budget, the deadlines for restaurant reservations and fast passes. She even set her calendar, and secured our fast passes for us. Traci was very helpful determining what to do at each park-especially having teenagers. But I know she would be just as helpful if you had small children. She also arranged for a rental car when we were ready to leave Orlando. There was some confusion with the cast members and the rental car pick up process. One quick call to Traci, and it was straightened out-and we were headed to the beach. I don’t know why anyone would try to book a Disney vacation without her assistance! Thank you, Traci for our stress-free family vacation full of wonderful memories."

March, 2015

"Thank you Traci Taylor for all your help planning our trip. It has gone seamlessly and we have been able to make the most of its time here. Truly grateful for all your help."