As the date is quickly approaching for the release of the all new live action movie Aladdin, new merchandise is hitting the shelves at a rapid pace. I’m excited to share some of the items that I found today at Uptown Jewelers and The Emporium.

Agrabah Castle & Magic Lamp – $90.00 each/Magic Carpet Ride – $55.00

Tea Set – $65.00
Genie Lamp – $149.00

Aladdin was first released on November 25th, 1992 and was the highest grossing film that year. This Disney film became the first animated feature to surpass the half-billion dollar mark at $504 million worldwide. It also received two Academy Awards and a Grammy for Song of the Year – “A Whole New World.” I’m really looking foward to seeing the new live action film as the animated feature was one of my favorite movies. What is your favorite animated Disney film?

To Infinity and Beyond Travel & The Infinity Mouse – Traci – “You ain’t never had a friend like me” – The Genie – Aladdin

Aladdin – New Merchandise

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