Restaurant Marrakesh in Morocco was the first sit down restaurant that I ever ate at in Epcot about 10 years ago.  I enjoyed the variety of foods that were offered and it was fun to experience the atmosphere in this restaurant.  This country still intrigues me and I love just spending time enjoying the music and small shops.  On this outing my husband decided to try the Kefta Pocket.


This pocket was very delicious.  The beef is fairly plain but the sauce was spicy and brings out the true flavors of the beef.  The bread was fresh and not chewy.  Acid from the tomatoes added a distinct and fresh taste to the pocket.  As someone who doesn’t always like coleslaw, this was a surprising addition.  There was a crunchiness without it having an overpowering taste.  It was definitely worth trying and he would recommend it to someone wanting to try something new.  

It is always fun to hear what someone thinks of the different foods throughout Epcot.  I love the smells coming from many of the kiosks and wish I could try more.  I will let you know what I think of some of the desserts I have tried recently in upcoming Winey Wednesday blogs.

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Winey Wednesday – Disney’s Food & Wine Review – Morocco