Who loves cookies? If sampling different cookies sounds like a fun way to spend an afternoon then head to Epcot where you can try 5 different cookies from around the world. The is one of the most cost effective ways to sample cookies because they are only $2.50 each. If you are a Passholder and you decide to visit Epcot on a Tuesday, then you will receive a 10% discount which means each cookie is only $2.25. This Cookie Stroll is definitely worth your money.

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie mad with DOVE dark chocolate – $2.50

I decided to start left towards Mexico even though the first Cookie Stoll stop wasn’t until Germany. I figured most people would start right so I wanted to see how it worked if I went left. What I found is that there weren’t many people when I got to Germany, America and around to Morocco. It was a little more crowded when I got to Canada and then Holiday Hearth Desserts. What I liked the most about going this direction was that I ended up being able to go right to Holiday Sweets & Treats and finish getting my free 50th Anniversary cookie, ornament and cup. It was a great way to finish my Cookie Stroll. (Keep in mind the ornament and cup are available while supplies last)

There are a couple of things that I recommend. These are big cookies, so be sure and bring some baggies to carry them in or a friend to help you share them with along the way. You will also want to pick up something to drink. I recommend trying some of the incredible beverages at the booths because they look amazing. My favorite cookie was the Chocolate Crinkle Cookie at the American Holiday Table. Let me know what your favorite cookie and drink were while you did the Cookie Stroll.

Here’s a quick review each cookie as I made my way around World Showcase:

Bavaria – Linzer Cookie – $2.50

This is one of my favorite types of cookies and this one was delightful. The jelly in the middle is a good balance with the cookie. The cookie itself was soft which I really enjoy. You can also tell who has eaten one of these recently by the amount of powdered sugar on their face, shirt, shorts…Haha. Overall this cookie came in as a close second to the next cookie.

American Holiday Table – Chocolate Crinkle Cookie – $2.50

This chocolate cookie was my favorite on the Cookie Stroll. It was super soft and I enjoyed the chocolate flavor. I think the DOVE chocolate made it more rich which gave it an exceptional taste. With this one as well you can tell who has had one recently by the powdered sugar, but there isn’t as much as on the Linzer Cookie.

L’Chaim – Black and White Cookie – $2.50

This cookie is very flavorful and soft. The milk chocolate side has a rich flavor and the white chocolate side has a sweet refreshing taste, almost like they have added a hint of lemon.

Yukon – SNICKERS Doodle Cookie – $2.50

Little Mouse tried this cookie and said it was delicious. The cookie was a little dry but the flavor of the Snickers was a good change. She liked the drizzle of frosting on the top which gave it a sweet element to the savory of the Snickers.

Holiday Hearth Desserts – Gingerbread Cookie – $2.50

This cookie is super cute but the flavor was a little disappointing. I could taste the gingerbread flavor but it was very mild. It was however moist which I do like. I’m not much of a crunchy cookie person, so I really appreciated that this gingerbread cookie was soft. This was a fun cookie to have as my last cookie. Now on to the free redemption cookie.

Holiday Sweets & Treats – Redemption Cookie

Free Ornament when you complete the Cookie Stroll

Peppermint Sundae – Free in this cute cup when you finish the Cookie Stroll

I hope you enjoy the Cookie Stroll at Epcot as much as I did this year.

“What could be more important than a little something to eat” – Winnie the Pooh

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Cookie Stroll in Epcot